Oleh: ro3d7 | Mei 2, 2006

it’s a wonderful sunday and monday

fwuh.. finally, i findmy happiness again, i can see the flower smiling at me, the wind touching my smooth skin, the windows of the world openly wide just for me… I love this day

I can’t describe it by words… and u won’t understand, coz ths is my heart sound. 🙂

My Life

i’m writing this with happiness but i’m not so well. I have a stomach ache (fwuh…). Well, my parents gave me “Rudi” as my name. Rudi Sofyan Efendi percisely, My father say “rudi” is a short word for RUslan efenDI, which is his name, Sofyan belong to my mother name “neneng SOFYAH”, so my name is my parents name, great ha !23 years ago, i was born in a little town, called “pamoyanan”, I lived in a hospitality region, full of childish activity,playing, laughing, so on… Waw 23 years old man !! It’s not a short time to remember. I hv a lot of memories there…hmmm, including my childness love. I was at 2nd grade of elementary school that day, I see her at my religion school at noon, after my public school finish, i saw her, she smile for me, and i like her… ) . Well, the society knew me as a bad child, also smart and like doing something freeky. I don’t know, what else i must write, but the important one, i cried when i moved from my little town, I still clearly remember, i was cried at the back of the car, it’s hard to say, but i love my town.

Today, i was writing in front of my computer, it’ s like a dream, try to collect all the memories. i’m 170 cm with 65 kg weight. my friend said that i have a not bad looking, i like red, blue, green, i hate yellow… I like adventure, hiking, walking along the river, enjoy the view of the nature…

mm..i must re-frech my mind, my stomach is calling to stop for awhile. pray for my health, thank’s…


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